Welcome to Wherever You Are
2019-10-28, 11:50–12:00 (UTC), Ballroom

The DevOpsDays London team is always looking to improve Diversity and Inclusion at our event. In this talk we'll share what we've tried so far - what worked, what didn't work and lessons we've learnt along the way.

In the tech industry one of our favourite ways of sharing information and ideas, gaining insights and knowledge as well as growing our network of contacts is to attend and speak at events such as conferences and meetups. Unfortunately we often see that attendees and speakers look similar, come from similar backgrounds and have similar outlooks, all of which leads us to miss out on the innovation and creativity that diversity brings us.

So why is this happening and how can we make our events more accessible to a broader and more diverse group of people? The organisers of DevOpsDays London have been focussed on creating a welcoming, inclusive event and in this talk we will present some of the measures we've experimented with to increase accessibility and inclusive. What worked and what didn’t, with suggestions for how we can all contribute to making our events more welcoming in the future.

Hannah Foxwell is a co-organiser of DevOpsDays London.