The care and feeding of sponsors
2019-10-28, 11:20–11:30, Ballroom

There are very few events which could run without sponsors, yet much of the time it seems like their inclusion is an afterthought. In this talk I'll go over things you can do to make the sponsor experience better, which will then lead to them coming back and wanting to sponsor more events.

We hear it at every event; "We couldn't do this without our sponsors". But are we all keeping that in mind when defining the sponsor experience at our events? There are many things you can do to make it a great experience for your attendees and your sponsors.

Do the venues you're looking at have a space big enough for the number of sponsors you'll need?
Does the space have good traffic flow?
Can you put food and beverages in the sponsor area?
Can you work with your sponsors on social media promotions which benefit you both?

And a lot more.

Ken Mugrage has spent the last 10 years teaching DevOps and Continuous Delivery for ThoughtWorks. He’s a 30 year industry vet, global organizer for DevOpsDays and remains in denial about people using the term DevOps Engineer.