Bringing Devopsdays To China / Getting a Speeding Ticket in Ghent
2019-10-28, 12:35–12:40, Ballroom

DevOps is culture and movement. I will introduce how DevOpsDays arrived China. It not only connect the Development and Operations but also connected from West to the East. From the first meetign with Patrick in 2016 till he arrived in the DevOpsDays Beijing stage in 2017 and take Selfie with 1000 ChineseDevOps practioners. It was exicting journey and memorable stories.

I am Sun Zhenpeng, I had the privilege to work with international team and Patrick and Kris to bring DevOpsDays to China in 2017. I have initiated the China DevOpsDays Organizer team. Since the first DevOpsDays kicked off in Beijing March 18 2017 together with Patrick and Kris, I have been leading and organizing the 6 DevOpsDays events in China. ( Beijing 2017,2018 and 2019, Shanghai 2017,2018 and ShenZhen 2018) in total 6 stages.

Start from how the DevOpsDays China logo was designed what it is the purpose of it
till story of Patrick landed in DevOpsDays Beijing Stage only in 72 hours time to save the first China event
and my experience in working with other organizers to get last 6 events done and organized.