“Bringing Devopsdays To China / Getting a Speeding Ticket in Ghent” sun zhenpeng · Ignite (5 minutes)

DevOps is culture and movement. I will introduce how DevOpsDays arrived China. It not only connect the Development and Operations but also connected from West to the East. From the first meetign with Patrick in 2016 till he arrived in the DevOpsDays Beijing stage in 2017 and take Selfie with 1000…

“Welcome to Wherever You Are” Hannah Foxwell · Lighting Talk (10 minutes)

The DevOpsDays London team is always looking to improve Diversity and Inclusion at our event. In this talk we'll share what we've tried so far - what worked, what didn't work and lessons we've learnt along the way.

“Organizing DevOps events in Ukraine” Mykola Marzhan, Diana · Lighting Talk (10 minutes)

Each country is a bit different; each has its challenges and own specific in expectation and relationship of the audience, sponsors, volunteers and even between organizers themselves.

“Encouraging Open Spaces at Devopsdays Events” Daniel Maher · Lighting Talk (10 minutes)

Open Spaces are literally what the Devopsdays conference series was founded on. They are a key element of the Devopsdays experience, but their execution is inconsistent—often due to misconceptions about what they are and how to run them. To wit: let's talk about what works (and what doesn't), and h…

“A (Quick) Deep Dive Into The DevOpsDays Website” Matt Stratton · Ignite (5 minutes)

The point of this ignite is to provide some insight and tips into a) features of the devopsdays website you can use as an organizer that you might not know about and b) give a little technical background into some of the idiosyncrasies of the site’s technology (pipeline, etc). Hopefully this will h…

“The care and feeding of sponsors” Ken Mugrage · Lighting Talk (10 minutes)

There are very few events which could run without sponsors, yet much of the time it seems like their inclusion is an afterthought. In this talk I'll go over things you can do to make the sponsor experience better, which will then lead to them coming back and wanting to sponsor more events.

“Venue, Venue, Venue” Dan Barker · Ignite (5 minutes)

Picking venues can be hard and very time consuming. In Kansas City, we picked a different venue each year until 2019. We'll look at the reasons to change venues and why it might be good to stick with one for more than a year. This will also give you a little taste of the KC style.

“Food, it's all about the food!” Dan Barker · Ignite (5 minutes)

Most conferences don't care much about the food, but providing delicious food is something we've been praised for in Kansas City. We'll walk through all the things we've done to make sure our food enhances our attendee experience. From bagels to BBQ and lattes to ice cream, we've tried it all.

“From 2 to 15: DevOpsDays in Brazil: challenges and achievements” Rafael Gomes · Lighting Talk (10 minutes)

Few sponsors, almost no money and a huge country. DevOpsDays in Brazil big cities are thriving, but what about smaller towns without tech communities? What are the challenges and achievements so far?

“10 years of weirdness” Kris Buytaert · Lighting Talk (10 minutes)

Bankers, Bodyguards, Sushi, When in Rome , iAmsterdam,
Wasaibi, Sushi, Reperbahn, The Pantheon, Sushi, Certified by the department of deaf and oops..

“How to run a devopsdays while working for a devops vendor” Serhat Can · Lighting Talk (10 minutes)

DevOps market is growing crazy and for most organizations, organizing a devopsdays seems to be are a great way to market their product or service. Most core and local organizers are also working for companies with devops ties. This can create a conflict if we aren't aware of the real value lying in…

“Brunch” · Lunch (60 minutes)

Welcome "Brunch"

“Lunch” · Lunch (60 minutes)


“Break” · Break (20 minutes)

Coffee Break

“Open Spaces” Andrew Clay Shafer, Nathen Harvey · Open Spaces (4 hours)

Afternoon Open Spaces